Past Ph.D. Students

Karen Covello-Paran

The Jezreel Valley during the Intermediate Bronze Age: Social and Cultural Landscapes (co-supervisor Oded Lipschits), 2015.

Elon Heymans

The Early History of Money and Monetary Exchange in the Eastern Mediterranean Iron Age (co-supervisors Irad Malkin and Alexander Fantalkin), 2018.

Zachary Dunseth

The Intermediate Bronze Age (2500-1950 BCE) in the Negev Highlands: The Geoarchaeological Perspective (co-supervisor Ruth Shahack-Gross), 2019.

Assaf Kleiman

Border Communities between Israel and Aram in the 10th and 9th Centuries BCE (co-supervisor Benjamin Sass), 2020.

Yitzhak Meitlis

The Judean Hill Country in the Middle Bronze Age, 1998.

David Ilan

Northeastern Israel in the Iron Age I: Cultural, Economic and Political Structures and Transformations, 1999.

Assaf Yasur-Landau

Social Aspects of Aegean Settlement in the Southern Levant at the End of the 2nd Millennium BCE (co-supervisors Irad Malkin and Shlomo Bunimovitz), 2003.

Alon Shavit

Settlment Patterns in the Southern Coastal Plain in the Iron II, 2004.

Yuval Gadot

Tel Aphek at the End of the Late Bronze Age and the Beginning of the Iron Age: Typological, Chronological and Cultural Implications (co-supervisor Moshe Kochavi), 2004.

Aharon Sasson

Animal Husbandry (Caprine and Cattle) in Light of Zooarchaeological Research in Stratum II (8th Century B.C.E.) at Tel Beer-sheba (co-supervisors Tamar Dayan and Zeev Herzog), 2004.

Liora Kolska Horowitz

Diachronic Patterns of Animal Exploitation in the Sinai Peninsula (co-supervisor Eitan Tchernov), 2006.

Norma Franklin

State Formation in the Northern Kingdom of Israel: Some Tangible Symbols of Statehood (co-supervisor Nadav Na’aman), 2006.

Deborah O. Cantrell

The Horsemen of Israel (Vanderbilt University; readers: Jack Sasson, Douglas Knight, Robert Drews, Israel Finkelstein, Robin Jensen), 2008.

Alexander Fantalkin

The Contacts between the Greek World and the Southern Levant during the Sixth-Seventh Centuries BCE (co-supervisor Irad Malkin), 2008.

Arad Haggi

Harbours in Phoenicia, Israel and Philistia in the 9th – 7th Centuries BCE: Archaeological Finds and Historical Interpretation (co-supervisor Michal Artzi), 2009.

Amir Sumaki-Fink

The History and Archaeology of Alalah in the Late Bronze Age (co-supervisor Nadav Na’aman), 2009.

Yifat Thareani

Towns in the Desert: Geographical, Economic and Sociopolitical Perspectives (co-supervisor Nadav Na’aman), 2010.

Eran Arie

The Transition from the Late Bronze to the Iron I in the Northern Valleys, 2012.

David Friesem

Formation Processes Related to the Degradation of Mud Brick Structures and their Archaeological Implications (co-supervisor Ruth Shahack-Gross), 2014.

Michael Toffolo

Framing the Iron Age in the Eastern Mediterranean: Contexts, Site-Formation Processes and Chronology (co-supervisor Elisabetta Boaretto), 2014.

Arie Shaus

Shirly Ben-Dor Evian

Egypt and Philistia in the Iron I: The Archaeological Record and the Historical Interpretation (co-supervisor Deborah Sweeney), 2015.


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