Past MA Students

Mordechai Benzaquen

The Arboreal Remains of Tel Megiddo: Interpreting Environmental Conditions and Cultural Preferences Through the Analysis of Botanical Remains (co-supervisor: Dafna Langgut), 2017.

Logan Hunt

A Middle Bronze Age Stone Tool Assemblage from Megiddo: Determining Function and Significance for Domestic Life (co-supervisor Steve Weiner, the Weizmann Institute of Science), 2017.

Ben Laugomer

High Resolution Climate Reconstruction during the Bronze and Iron Ages from Soreq Cave Speleothems (co-supervisors Dafna Langgut and Myriam Bar-Matthews of the Geological Survey of Israel), 2017.

Yoav Weingerten

Synchronic and Diachronic Analysis of Ground Stones from Tell Megiddo (co-supervisor Erez Ben Yosef), 2018.

Na’ama Waltzer

The Intermediate Bronze Age in the Shephelah, 2019.

Alon Shavit

The Ayalon Valley and its Vicinity during the Bronze and Iron Ages, 1992.

Dan Gazit

The Besor Region in the Iron Age I According to Analysis of the Pottery from Stratum VIII at Tel Sera’, 1995.

Aharon Sasson

The Pastoral Element in the Economy in Intermediate Bronze and Iron I Sites in the Highlands: An Archaeological-Ethnographic Perspective, 1996.

Edtal Levi

Geographical Information System for Analysis of Spatial Distribution of Sites: Development, Programming and Application in Archaeological Data (co-supervisor Itzhak Benenson), 1998.

Yuval Gadot

The Wadi ‘Ara Pass as an International Highway during the Bronze Age, Iron Age and the Persian Period, in the Light of the Settlement Patterns (co-supervisor David Ussishkin), 1999.

Alexander Fantalkin

Mesad Hashaviahu: Analysis of the Material Culture and its Contribution to Historical Reconstruction at the end of the Iron Age (co-supervisor Nadav Na’aman), 2000.

Yifat Thareani

Core and Periphery – A Case Study: The Arad Beersheba Valley at the End of the Iron Age (co-supervisor Nadav Na’aman), 2002.

Eyal Buzaglo

The Technology and Origin of Pottery Assemblages from the Iron Age at Megiddo and the Northern Valleys (co-supervisor Yuval Goren), 2004.

Eran Arie

“Then I went down to the potter’s house”: Intra-site Spatial Analysis in the Pottery of Megiddo VIA, 2004.

Elena Cogan-Zahavi

Assyrian Palace North of Tel Ashdod, 2007 (co-supervisor Nadav Na’aman), 2006.

Shirley Ben-Dor Evian

Inter-relations between Egypt and Israel: The Egyptian Pottery in Iron 1-2b Strata, 2008.

Inbal Samet

Canaanite Rulership in Late Bronze Age Megiddo, 2009.

Keren Ras

The Impact of the Assyrian Rule on the Rural Countryside in Northern Palestine: Settlement Dynamics under Imperial Control, 2010.

Sivan Einhorn

Microfinds from Destruction and Abandonment Layers in Tel Megiddo (co-supervisor Ruth Shahack-Gross), 2011.

Barak Sober

Character Stroke Reconstruction (co-supervisor David Levin, Department of Applied Mathematics), 2012.

Zachary C. Dunseth

Subsistence Practices in the Negev Highlands during the Intermediate Bronze Age: A Microarchaeological Investigation at Mashabe Sade (co-supervisor Ruth Shahack-Gross, Kimmel Center for Archaeological Science, Weizmann Institute of Science), 2014.

Assaf Kleiman

Tel Aphek and the Central Coastal Plain during the Iron Age IIA: Analysis of the Archaeological Assemblage and its Historical Implications, 2014.

Erin Hall

Hoarding at Tel Megiddo in the Late Bronze Age and Iron Age I (co-supervisor Benjamin Sass), 2016.


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