Present Ph.D. Students

Elon Heymans

The Early History of Money and Monetary Exchange in the Eastern Mediterranean Iron Age (co-supervisor Irad Malkin).

Efrat Bocher

The Material Culture in Judah and Samaria during the Persian Period (co-supervisor Oded Lipschits).

Ariel Winderbaum

The Iron IIA Pottery Assemblage from the Ophel Excavations in Jerusalem.

Zachary C. Dunseth

The Intermediate Bronze Age (2500-1950 BCE) in the Negev Highlands: The Geoarchaeological Perspective (co-supervisor Ruth Shahack-Gross, University of Haifa).

Assaf Kleiman

Border Communities in Northeastern Israel and Southwestern Syria during the 10th and 9th Centuries BCE (co-supervisor Benjamin Sass).

Yitzhak Lee-Sak

Benjamin in the Hebrew Bible in Light of Archaeological Data and Historical Reconstruction (co-supervisor Oded Lipschits).

Erin Hall

Archaeology of Cult in the Northern Kingdom of Israel.

Eythan Levy

Chronologies of the Bronze and Iron Ages in the Levant: a Computational Approach

Abra Spiciarich

Religious and Socioeconomic Diversity of Ancient Jerusalem and its Hinterland During the 8th–2nd centuries BCE: A View from the Faunal Remains (co-supervisors Lidar Sapir-Hen and Oded Lipschits)



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