Present Ph.D. Students

Ayala Amir

Beyond the Visible: Burial Offerings in the Second Millennium BCE in Light of Residue Analysis of Ceramic Vessels (co-supervisors Yuval Gadot and Ronny Neuman of the Weizmann Institute of Science).

Shua Kiselevitz

Cult in Iron IIA Judah: The Temple at Moza as a Case Study (co-supervisor Oded Lipschits).

Naama Walzer

The Beginning of the Middle Bronze in Northern Canaan.

Erin Hall

Archaeology of Cult in the Northern Kingdom of Israel.

Eythan Levy

Chronologies of the Bronze and Iron Ages in the Levant: a Computational Approach

Abra Spiciarich

Religious and Socioeconomic Diversity of Ancient Jerusalem and its Hinterland During the 8th–2nd centuries BCE: A View from the Faunal Remains (co-supervisors Lidar Sapir-Hen and Oded Lipschits)



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