Electronic Media

Archaeology Mysteries of the Holy Land, TLC 1992

Biblical Archaeology from Ground Down, 1996

The Warhorse, 1998

Science Mysteries, BBC 1999

Digging for the Truth: Archaeology and the Bible, 2001

It ain’t Necessarily So, 2001

Das Bibelratsel, 2004

Who Wrote the Bible, 2004

Queen of Sheba, BBC 2004

The Lost Tribes of Israel, 2004

Rameses: Wrath of God or Man? 2004

A Biblia e seu tempo, 2005

Joshua and the Battle of Jericho, BBC 2004

Digging for the Truth, Search for King David, History Channel 2006

The Jews, A People’s History, Arte and others, 2007

The Solomon’s Treasures, 2007

The Bible’s Buried Secrets, PBS 2008

The Age of Iron (Ancient Worlds), 2011

Bible’s Buried Secrets: Did King David’s Empire Exist (BBC, 2011)

Jerusalem: The Making of a Holy City, 2012

The Temple Mount: Solomon’s Lost Temple, 2012

Back to the Beginning with Christiane Amanpour, 2012

Other programs for Discovery, National Geographic, etc. Interviews in CNN, France 2 and other channels

La Bible Devoilee, ARTE (four hours, after the book), 2005 (click here)