Videos and Lectures

An Interview in San Paulo (English, 2015)

Entrevista – Professor Israel Finkelstein (Click here)

An Interview in Tel Aviv University (Hebrew, English subtitles, 2012)

Part 1: (Click here)

Part 2: (Click here)

Speaking about Archaeology and the Bible (Hebrew, English subtitles, 2011):

Part 1: (Click here)

Part 2: (Click here)

The Bible Unearthed (2003)

Part 1: The Patriarchs

Part 2: The Exodus

Part 3: The Kings

Part 4: The Book

In French (Click here)

Shorter Version (Click here)


Archaeology, Bible and Israelite History, the Rector lectures at Tel Aviv University (14 lectures in Hebrew, 2007) (Click here)

On History and Rationality – The Assyrian Century (ca. 2008) (Click here)

On Exodus in the UCSD (2013) (Click here)