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Excavations at Kiriath-Jearim and the Ark of the Covenant (2020)

Movie in Hebrew – Click Here
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The Shmunis Family Conversations in The Archaeology and History of Ancient Israel
Interviews with Matthew J. Adams (2020-2021)

Episode One: Bible and Archaeology, The View from the Center
Episode Two: The Bronze Age, The Land Before Israel
Episode Three: The Crisis Years, The End of the Late Bronze Age
Episode Four: The Rise of Ancient Israel in the Highlands
Episode Five: The First Israel
Episode Six: The Conquest of Canaan
Episode Seven: The Early Philistines
Episode Eight: The Philistines in the Bible
Episode Nine: A United Monarchy?
Episode Ten: King Saul
– Episode Eleven: The Earliest David
Episode Twelve: The Later Layers of the David Story
Episode Thirteen: Solomon, King of Globalization
Episode Fourteen: Writing in Ancient Israel
Episode Fifteen: Jerusalem in Biblical Times
Episode Sixteen: The Northern Kingdom, the First 50 Years
Episode Seventeen: The Omrides
Episode Eighteen: Israel in the Days of Jeroboam II
Episode Nineteen: The Patriarchs: The Jacob Cycle
Episode Twenty: The Many Layers in the Exodus Tradition
Episode Twenty-one: Heroic Stories in the Book of Judges
Episode Twenty-two: Kiriath-Jearim and the Ark Narrative
Episode Twentythree: Late Monarchic Judah
Episode Twenty-four: The Deuteronomistic History and Archaeology
Episode Twenty-five: Persian and Early Hellenistic Jerusalem
Episode Twenty-six: Late Biblical Historiography: Ezra, Nehemiah, and Chronicles

The Movie:
The Bible Unearthed (2005)

Part 1 – Patriarchs and Exodus
Part 2- Kings and The Book

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Interview at Beit Avichai about Exodus (Hebrew, 2021)

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Interview at the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities (Hebrew, 2020)

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Interviews at Metodista University in San Paolo (English)

Click here to play the Interviews from 2015
Click here to play the Interview from 2109

Lectures at Theologische Fakultät der Universität Zürich 
(Hebrew, 2018)

– Hasmonean Realities behind Ezra, Nehemiah and Chronicles? The Archeological Perspective (Link)
– Archaeology and the Exact and Life Sciences: The Negev Highlands as a Case Study (Link)
– Comments on Iron Age Megiddo with Implications for the History of the Northern Kingdom (Link)

Interview for the European Association, (2018)

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Interviews at SBL Bible Odysey (2017)

Part 1 – Archaeology and Dating
Part 2 – Ancient Climate
Part 3 – Innovation in Archaeology
Part 4 – Israelite Origins

An Interview in Tel Aviv University 
(Hebrew, 2012)

Part 1: (Click here)
Part 2: (Click here)

Interviews on Matters of Archaeology and History of Ancient Israel (2008)

Part 1 – Jerusalem in the Bronze Age
part 3 – The late 9th century BC
Part 4 – Archaeological Dating
Part 5 – Period of Great Prosperity
Part 6 – Aspects of messianism
Part 7 – Decline of Jerusalem in the Persian Period

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