Present MA Students

Erin Hall

Megiddo Hoards in the Iron I (co-supervisor Benjamin Sass).

Logan Hunt

A Middle Bronze Age Stone Tool Assemblage from Megiddo: Determining Function and Significance for Domestic Life.

Mordechai Benzaken

The Arboreal Remains of Tel Megiddo: Interpreting Environmental Conditions and Cultural Preferences through the Analysis of Botanical Remains (co-supervisor Dafna Langgut).

Yoav Weingerten

Synchronic and Diachronic Analysis of Ground Stones from Tel Megiddo (co-supervisor Erez Ben-Yosef).

Lee Oz

Culinary Practices and Social Status in the Ophel (Jerusalem) in the Iron IIA (co-supervisor Lidar Sapir-Hen).

Naama Walzer

The Intermediate Bronze Age in the Shephelah.


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