Radiocarbon-Dated Destruction Layers: A Skeleton for Iron Age Chronology in the Levant (co-author: Eli Piasetzky). Oxford Journal of Archaeology 28 (2009): 255-274.

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Radiocarbon Dating the Iron Age in the Levant: A Bayesian Model for Six Ceramic Phases and Six Transitions (co-author: Eli Piasetzky). Antiquity 84 (2010): 374-385.

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Khirbet Qeiyafa: Absolute Chronology (co-author: Eli Piasetzky). Tel Aviv 37 (2010): 84-88.

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The Iron I/IIA Transition in the Levant: A Reply to Mazar and Bronk Ramsey and a New Perspective (co-author: Eli Piasetzky). Radiocarbon 52 (2010): 1667-1680.

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Iron Age Mediterranean Chronology: A Rejoinder (co-authors: Alexander Fantalkin and Eli Piasetzky),Radiocarbon 53 (2011): 1-20.

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The Iron Age Chronology Debate: Is the Gap Narrowing (co-author: Eli Piasetzky), Near Eastern Archaeology 74 (2011): 50-54.

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